As the CEO of the Palestinian Industrial Estate and Free Zone Authority (PIEFZA), I consider it my honor and privilege to welcome you to PIEFZA’s business-friendly Industrial Parks for your company setup and operations in Palestine.

The Government of Palestine (GoP) established different institutions to promote and attract investments. 

At the forefront of GoP’s investment policy is PIEFZA. Established in late nineties to promote and supervise investments in the industrial Estates and the free zones. PIEFZA serves as a One-Stop-Shop to companies planning to invest at the industrial estates and industrial free zones in Gaza and West Bank. Industrial estates and free zones were one of the main strategies that the GoP used as a driving force to attract investments in order to revive and develop the Palestinian economy. It is also considered a key source for employment generation and technology transfer. The GoP has been providing the public land, transparency, facilitation and incentives necessary to attract private estate developers and tenants. Donors, including U.S.A., Japan, France, Germany, E.U. and W.B., have been delivering on the necessary technical assistance, market access investment promotion, and off-site  infrastructure financing. PIEFZA industrial zones include: Gaza Industrial Estate (GIE), Jericho Agro – Industrial Park (JAIP), Bethlehem Industrial Estate (BIE), Jenin Industrial Estate (JIE), Tulkarm Information Technology Park, in addition to Hebron Industrial Estate. GIE has been established and operated for over a decade. Two are almost in the completion phase of the first stages, JAIP and BIE. JIE is still in the planning and design phase, and the other two (Information Technology Park in Tulkarm and the industrial zones in Hebron) are in preliminary study phase. The aim of this industrial estates programme is to stimulate foreign and domestic investment in Palestine that would promote productive industrial employment, by creating the necessary industrial infrastructure and enabling environment (legal, regulatory, security and incentive frameworks).

PIEFZA was created with an unwavering commitment to providing best-in-class infrastructure and support facilities for the Palestinian entrepreneurs and foreign investors. This sense of purpose driving our government-backed organization is due in large part to the direction of His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine. Under his able stewardship, PIEFZA is proud to play a key role in transforming Gaza & West Bank into a hub of investment and growth of choice for informed investors. Driving development further, PIEFZA is the nodal autonomous government agency that has been charged with perpetuating this development through providing well serviced industrial land, supporting infrastructure and incentives. The Industrial Estates in Gaza & West Bank, can fulfill this need and thereby play an important role in supporting export-based growth.

As an informed investor looking to capitalize on market opportunities in Palestine and beyond, I invite you to explore the unique features that PIEFZA Industrial Estates in Gaza & West Bank offer. Investing in PIEFZA Industrial Estates will place your company in close proximity to suppliers and customers throughout the Middle East, Europe and Africa. PIEFZA highly values all investors’ time; our one-stop-shop procedures are clear and simple, and our well trained staff by JICA Experts will extend all possible help to ensure prompt services and complete customer satisfaction.

Not only is Palestine the obvious choice based on its strategic location, lowest total cost of business setup and operations for comparable quality of infrastructure and services, it also provides the necessary comfort of the rule of law. PIEFZA and Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency (PIPA) laws were specifically developed to place at the forefront our investors’ interests and rights. The two laws granted various incentives, including: income tax exemptions; fixed assets exemptions; free movement of capital and profits; export exemptions; local market sales; rules of origin incentives; investment guarantee for foreign direct investors; infrastructure incentives and preferential access to regional and international markets.

PIEFZA Industrial Estates in Gaza & West Bank offer their flexible services to small, medium and large companies looking for manufacturing, warehousing, trading or other commercial options. Our packages are tailored to suit your needs, no matter if you are a budding entrepreneur or an expanding multinational. Our employees have successfully guided tens of companies to set up at PIEFZA Industrial Estates and are keenly aware of their collective responsibility to offer you exactly what your business needs in the shortest possible timeframe. Our goal is to have you here for the long-term and guarantee that you will receive superior incentives, such as, PRIDE grants (EU & Japan fund) for helping investors by reducing the start-up investment costs in JAIP. The financial support is up to 50% (Maximum US$500,000) of the contracted prices of the equipment, machinery, tools and building excluding TAX, installation and related labor cost. Overall budget of PRIDE is US$2,000,000 and EURO2,000,000, in total around US$4,600,000. 22 potential JAIP tenants have submitted applications. PRIDE Steering Committee approved 4 tenants (USD1,700,000). Also 8 tenants are under appraisal process and their applications will be submitted to the Steering Committee for decision.

PIEFZA ushers in its second decade of operations, I encourage you to visit us in Ramallah or Gaza office to explore options for your company’s success. I promise, based on our historical track record, you will most likely decide to stay.

Welcome to your new home for business. Welcome home to PIEFZA Industrial Parks.

Ali A. Shaath, Ph.D. Eng.